My Studio


I've a gorgeous studio to share with you! 
After our girls married and moved out, my husband and I moved our bedroom upstairs and turned the master bedroom on the main floor of our home in to my studio. It is an awesome space and gets a LOT of use! All of the furniture is from Ikea, the window treatments are from JC Penney. I purchased a bedspread that matches the curtains and used it to make the chair covers and the cover for my rolling paper cart. The track lighting is from Home Depot. Everything on the walls was made by my husband and I.

Come on in~

My big punches are in a shoe holder in the left of the picture above. It is the kind that hangs on the back of a door but it got so heavy it pulled the door off the hinges (OOPS!!) So my husband put a piece of molding up and attached it to the wall.

Here are some close-ups:

I like to have as many of my supplies behind glass as possible
 (less dusting!)

This cabinet has all of my cutting supplies in it as well as my Xyron machines and the black binders with my rub-ons and letter stickers. I try to keep the top clear so I can get what I need, use it, and put it right back!

This is the bulk of my paper, I keep it behind closed doors so it doesn't get faded.

"There's always time to create"!

This is the shelf I use for taking pictures of my projects, there is a lamp on a swing arm (in the upper left corner) that I can pull down to get direct lighting. It is at the perfect height for me to get a straight on shot. The antique cabinet came from my husband's grandmother's house and I believe it was originally in a post office.

I love having my table "floating" in the room, the windows let in tons of light and all of my "stuff" is within easy reach. (That's my adorable grandson Jacob playing nicely while MomMom was taking pictures!)

"vintagy" stuff

Jakey got tired of this whole process and took a rest!

You are probably tired of pictures too so . . . Thanks for stopping by and visiting my space. If you have a few moments, poke around my blog! Using the tabs at the top you can view my projects, my mixed media art for sale, and at the home page find awesome paper packs that you can purchase to use in your own art! Thanks again!


FotoBella said...

I don't think anyone could get tired of looking at such a nice, creative spot! Thanks for sharing!

Tammie said...

Nice space...I never tire of looking at crafting spaces...thanks for sharing : )

Linda said...

Beautiful room!

Terry said...
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Terry said...

Awesome craft room thanks for sharing! Congrats on getting your room published online at the craft storage website! Very exciting!

Cozy Crop House said...

Beautiful room, Teresa! But knowing you (and your work), it definitely suits you! May you have plenty of time to use it! (and time to pack for your Cozy Crop House weekend coming up!!!)

Rox said...

Oh I am in love with this room! It is so light and airy. And you got the master bedroom! What a treat :)

arthome said...

thanks for sharing always inspiring to see other artist spaces, your is wonderful

MiniOwner said...

Oh wow!

Karen L K said...

Very nice space!