Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today I am sharing a project my friend Bev asked me to make. She found piles of sheet music in her attic from different generation of her family. In it were Christmas song sheets that belonged to her grandmother. She remembers using these song sheets to go caroling with her family as a girl. She asked me to make ornaments out of them so she could share them with her family and preserve the memory. In the piles of music I found a practice sheet on which she had written her name as a little girl so on the ornament for her I included that strip!

The ornaments are glass balls from a big box store. After tearing the music in strips, I decoupaged the strips on the balls using matte Mod Podge. For the final two layers I used Lustre Mod Podge to make them shiny. (The lustre has a very strong odor and is more expensive than the matte, that is why I only used it for the last two layers) The embellishments are from a floral pic that I deconstructed. The green leaves are from a giant flower that was on a clip to be used in your hair - it was so ugly that it was in the clearance - hello, who would put a giant green flower in their hair!
What really makes these ornaments shine is the Vintage Glass Glitter - so sparkly and pretty! It is quite expensive ($10 per ounce) but SO worth it! I made 8 ornaments for her and used about 2 ounces of glitter so that gives you an idea of how far it goes. Here is a picture of the back so you can see the glitter:
I had done a step out on how to make these last December. You can see it here for other links and credits.
I am entering this project in the "music" challenge at Stampin Sister's in Christ blog
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Lisa said...

wow just GORGEOUS!

TeenaBugg38 said...

You really oughta put these on ETSY!!! They are stunning!!!!!!!

sandee said...

I love them, it makes me wish I knew where my old piano songbooks are, wondering if they are packed up or lost? ..::sigh::...anyway, they are definetly keepsakes and will be treasured. I love how you topped them off, very spectacular! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Tami said...

Nice, Teresa. BTW, I was at an art show today, and one lady had mixed media on canvas, similar to yours, but her prices were astronomical. And, yours are MUCH nicer. Thought you'd like to know. ;)
Fondly, Tami

Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful ornaments! I'm sure she will adore them.

Angella said...

Absolutely exquisite Teresa! (I wish I had a friend like you :o) )

MariLynn said...

Wow, what an amazing keepsake that you made for your friend and her family. I can't imagine the time and effort that went into making these. That glitter is the perfect final touch. I am so glad that you shared these with the Stampin' Sisters in Christ.