Tuesday, January 10, 2012

366 Art Journal/Calendar - January

I think that I am basically a generous, thankful, creative person and these things run as part of my base personality all the time. However, I decided that this year I need to bring these things to the forefront and consciously make sure that every day I am purposefully generous, thankful, and creative. I found the perfect vehicle to help me with this quest - I am joining Kate at The Kathryn Wheel this year for her 2012 366 challenge.

This book will be a year in the making and will be 
a hybrid Scrapbook/Art Journal/Calendar. 
My theme for this year is 
"Be Generous, Thankful, and Creative Every Day"

Here is my cover:

My book is 9"x12" and really is rectangular - the pictures look all wonky because when you add layers and layers of paint, paper, and decoupage medium the paper no longer lies flat!  Each month will have a calendar page on the right and a scrapbook style page on the left. The calendar page will have a box for each day to write something in for that day. At the beginning of the month the blank calendar page will be posted and at the end of the month the completed page is posted along with the blank for next month. These all get linked up at Kate's site, there are already 96 people participating this year! Hopefully we will all get to visit a few of each others blogs for inspiration and to leave encouragement.

The left side of my January page is not really scrapbook style, the idea hadn't really gelled in my head yet, but it's really pretty! It contains definitions cut from an antique dictionary of my three key words.
My other month's I do intend to do the left side scrapbook style.
So here is the left side of January:

And the right side of January:

And the spread together:

At the suggestion of a fellow blogger, I have added a "follow by e-mail" request button to my side bar. Since I do not post every day, instead of checking in, you can submit your e-mail and you will get a message on the days I have a new post.

Thank you for looking at my blog today! I truly appreciate your comments and input!


Rainbow Lady said...

Teresa this is super... I love both pages... you must do more of the scrapbook style it is fab. Love Cynthia #58 x

Tracey said...

Superb pages, as a scrapbooker, I especially love the style of your pages xxx

Craphty said...

Fabulous decoration love the cheeky snowman.

Craphty said...

Fabulous decoration love the cheeky snowman.

dianehobbit said...

Such wonderful pages, it will be difficult to match your high standard. Looking forward to further months.

Marjie Kemper said...

Hooray! So glad you are playing along too. Your pages are beautiful, as is that luxurious cover you made. It's stunning! I am really glad you added that email option. It helps me keep track of quite a few blogs and I'm off to sign up for yours.

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, wonderful pages. I love the way you are doing these two pages side by side - great idea :-) Welcome to the challenge, I am so happy that you are playing along. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your lovely art during the rest of 2012. Happy new year!

Janique de Suisse said...

Wonderfuuuuul !! I love your January pages !!

Sonia said...

Tere Love what you did... Amazing creation and very inspirational, thanks.

TeenaBugg38 said...

This is really different but I love it!! I think you are on to something :):)